Thorpe Park Resort
Brand Refresh and Digital Interface
As a significant module in Staffordshire University's BA (Hons) Advertising and Brand Management, the task of a self-negotiating project to refresh and modernise the branding of a Theme Park was implemented. When considering the values of Thorpe Park Resort, it was important to focus on the expansion of their application and online presence - linking all presented ideas within the Resort together.
When producing new material for Thorpe Park Resort, it was important that the essence of the brand is captured through the use of promotional materials. Any processes the customer will use when visiting, or looking to, should maintain this branding, particularly that of the website or mobile app. To ensure the success of additions to this brand, it is essential to ensure a creative look and feel for the brand is being maintained to provide consistency, as well as conveying high quality that encourages visiting and overall positive awareness.
A colour scheme not too dissimilar to Thorpe Park Resort's existing branding was utilised to ensure the relationship between the existing brand and this evolution was not lost, particularly brand association with similar Resorts across the UK, maintaining the use of strong colour helps the brand to differentiate. 
Banner adverts for use within web advertising were produced to support the new branding, overall the ads are reflective to the core branding and do not specifically advertise for a given attraction. Additional elements and events part of Thorpe Park Resort follow a similar design layout and theme to ensure the integrity to the brand remains strong and the target market is able to easily recognise the brand.
Guests of the Resort who visit throughout the year make up a large sector of the overall visitors to the Thorpe Park Resort. Through the purchase of an Island Pass visitors are able to return throughout the season. Two passes have been produced reflecting the new branding again but carrying their own style and logo to differentiate the Island Pass from other forms of ticketing. 
As part of the design and rebranding process it was decided to relaunch the digital interface guests visiting the Thorpe Park Resort would use to interact with and purchase products of the Resort, a key third element of this digital aspect was assistance. I wanted the guests to easily plan and visualise every aspect of their visit through every interaction. 
Kokua allows guests visiting the Resort to explore their purchases at any point, after creating a profile, all tickets and extras are linked to their account; this alongside connectivity with short breaks bookings and the Fastrack system builds better analysis for the Resort and helps the guest to more easily plan their day.
As part of this digital rollout, print material would be introduced to the Resort advertising the application and the ways guests visiting Thorpe Park Resort could utilise Kokua. Below shows an example of an A-Frame layout for the print material produced. The overall style for the Resort is retained in these adverts.
Below shows the alternative logo for the Resort for use during Thorpe Park's annual Fright Nights event. Fright Nights, through the month of October, sees the park transform into something dark and haunting, this seasonal variant of the logo is reflective of this, whilst retaining the overall brand style for the Resort.
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