Thorpe Park Mania
Online Branding Project
During Autumn 2017 I started working with a new client; Thorpe Park Mania, from seeing work I had done previously in the same field wanted to refresh and launch a new digital identity for their online site and social media platforms, including an adaptable halloween themed approach suitable for their October theme park period. We discussed a range of ideas and decided to push the modern simple style further, taking inspiration from trending iconography and colour schemes a unique identity was created that reflects the Thorpe Park Mania brand well.
From the initial ideas phase, we agreed on the importance of reflecting the Thorpe Park skyline through an element of branding, the best way to do this was through the icon that would sit alongside the brand name and feature throughout social media platforms. This icon morphed into a stylised representation of the Thorpe Park skyline, set in an outline style that compliments the modern branding perfectly.
The colour scheme is reflected most throughout the branding on social media where page headers take Thorpe Park imagery and incorporate the logo and colour gradient to create a unique approach that is highly individual and modern yet still simple in form, and easily edited by the client.
For the Thorpe Park Halloween season, the client asked for an updated style that retained the main elements of the icon and logo but darkened the branding. The tombstone idea cam from wanting a look that was still simple and clear yet could fit on small icon sizes and by shifting the dimensions of the logo the brand began to take the appearance of the tombstone logo you see below.
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