Students' Union, Staffordshire University
Brand refresh and Signage
I collaborated with the Students' Union at Staffordshire University to propose a refresh of their existing branding materials, particularly their department and business logos used across the campus.

A complete refresh of every element was considered, using a refreshed colour palette that retained the signature green colour and introduced a warm yellow for social locations.
The existing elements lacked structure and consistency, and it wasn't always clear that the Students' Union ran the businesses.

As an outcome, all elements were refreshed with new logos and colours, retaining the signature Students' Union emblem in most applications but introduced new typography and colours to elevate the branding.
As part of this process, the Students' Union coffeeshop; Squeezebox was undergoing a refurbishment to better cater to the needs of the University students. This provided a great opportunity to introduce new branding to the exterior of the business that was better draw the attention of the students and staff whilst signalling that the interior had been refreshed.
An additional project was to create designs for vinyl wrapped doors within the Students' Union. These carried the new colour palette and typography of the branding, replacing the tired, well used natural finish of the doors that were already there.
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