Attraction Promotion
For my Extended Diploma Final Major Project, I developed a brand identity for a theme park, called Chronology based in Stoke-on-Trent. Materials produced in association with this concept include tickets and vouchers alongside a range of promotional print such as leaflets and guides. In addition to these developed products I produced a vertical wall poster displaying a general advertisement for the Chronology theme park / attraction. I looked at ways I could reach my target market through the development of a mobile app, and an interface that can link the park real time with the application.
Leaflets to advertise and attract the target market to Chronology were created in line with brand guidelines to enforce a consistent approach to the marketing and allow a professional appearance to potential customers of Chronology.
To go alongside the traditional print for the Chronology concept I had created I wanted to create an application that could be used to explore the featured elements of Chronology including queue times and a digital entry ticket.
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